Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Hidden Truth

The Hidden Truth? Nah, just joking. Well, it's been quite a while since I have resurfaced on Earth to take a risk in trying to share priceless information with my own kind. Everyone takes my invaluable knowledge for granted, reading through as though it is supposed to be a chore. Little do they realize that the boring clump of words in front of them proves to be of such significance.

Now, for the informative part. According to my calculations, it is estimated that I will be vulnerable from the start of the following year and to the end of it. Well, you should very well know that I am tempting fate to be sharing such a jeopardizing piece of infomation. For that, you'd better thank me or at least, acknowledge my intelligence.

Finally, the piece of news that someone will actually bother to read. I will be personally making a trip to a certain fortunate victim's abode and from there, you will witness a miracle that no other creature in, out, above or below Earth has seen before. Until then...

Then again.. Your presence might cost you your life. Exist at your own risk.

Yours Hidden,


Sunday, July 26, 2009


A very good day to all humans out there! As a citizen of alienship, I strongly recommend you to abort and relinquish. Any other options are NOT an option for you humans. With the concurrence of our specialists, we recommended... Invasion. You humans really should acknowledge me. Without me, you humans would have been nothing but smithereens. I am sure you humans would want to know what I came up with to prevent your temporary demise. We have unquestionably decided to establish a truce. For that is not for you humans to decide. We will be the supremacy of you humans, and every movement of yours are for us to decide. Any unauthorised disturbance is to be abolished. This is the end. Please be happy.

Yours Unknown,


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Return from Time

Well... I am Back! You probably would want to know why I was gone for past few millennia. Knowing me, yes you are right. The secret shall remain untold. Forget all about this. That is no longer of an importance to anyone else now. What matters most now is... What did I do to survive?

I am a diehard, I never give up nor do I let anyone else around me do the same. As you can all see, my post today is slightly different. It might be due to lack of sadism in me. Or even, I might not be the one who you all think is. In fact, my whereabouts are never known. Needless to say, my identity. Let's get back on topic shall we?

Survival of the fittest is what they say, but is that true? Is possesing the ultimate physical strength what matters the most? Or can the smartest one around us outsmart and eliminate all obstacles? Knowledge is power. That is what a believe in. People desire and thirst for knowledge... How can it be gained? Is it only all in a night's work? Speaking of night, it really is getting late. I have to turn in and get my rest. For the moment, put everything aside and rest... You'd better rest up. You never knows what will happen next....

Yours most mysteriously,


Friday, April 3, 2009


Sigh.... Let's talk something opposite for a change, Reality. Reality may be fun or enjoyable to those who lead a carefree life... Other than that... Reality is a really cruel thing. So what's behind all the misdeeds made by us humans? Reality. Some people get us to face up to reality... what is exactly the true meaning of it? Face reality and follow it? Sometimes, living in your own fantasy world like some people might be a much better idea... Well for me, I am trapped between a dimension that is neither fantasy or reality... Reality wants me to take it's road... Fantasy forces me not to and turn the other way... I try my best to control the two different Things... Can it be controlled? Is there such thing as creating a world of your own destiny? Who is stronger, Reality, Fantasy or Fate itself? Those who have enough experience will know...

Yours Fatefully,

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Have Returned!!!

Long time no see. Haven't got time to come here to visit this little place of mine. Currently, I am very sick... I want to die. Just joking, I have far too much time ahead of me and I will never ever give up... Everyone REMEMBER THAT TOO. My message today for everyone is... NEVER SAY DIE!!! Although you feel like dying, don't. If you jumped down the building, you will regret it like mad when you are just 1cm off the ground. When you poke yourself with a knife, you will also regret it like mad when your brain tells you PAIN AR!!! Anyways I got to go soon... Erm Hello.


Yours Painfully,


Monday, March 30, 2009


Hello Everyone! Here I am sitting on my very uncomfortable chair or seat or whatever... As usual I am here to tell you about something new. Since I am so happy for some peculiar reasons, I will tell you what is Happiness.

Happiness is...
1) Pleasure
2) Joy
3) Exhilaration
4) Bliss
5) Contentedness
6) Delight
7) Satisfaction
8) Enjoyment

Word Of The Day: Felicity
Definition: To imply an active or passive state of pleasure or pleasurable satisfaction

Now I can happily sign off.

Yours Happily,

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Good day fine weather! (Although it's raining...) The icy storm is driving me peaNUTS.

Anyways I am here to depress myself. I have been to many levels of depression. My favourite was The Mental Depression. Not everyone knows what depression is so, I will briefly tell you the meaning of depression before signing off.

Definition of Depression
Firstly: The act of depressing
Secondly: The state of feeling depressed
Thirdly: Sadness,Gloom or Dejection
Fourthly & Lastly: A condition of general emotional dejection and withdrawal; sadness greater and more prolonged than that warranted by and objective reason.

Hope everyone knows and understands more about depression today!

Yours Depressed,